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10 Apr - Örjan Hansson has uncovered the missing GB lineup, the time of Zeitler's second goal plus the referee against West Germany from 1952...

14 May 1952
West Germany (1) 2 Zeitler 2 (19 mins, 57)
Great Britain (0) 1 Slater (78)

EE Bennett (Southall)
R Cowan (Pegasus)
T Stewart (Bishop Auckland)
LR Topp (Hendon)
CE Fuller (Bromley)
DW Saunders (Walthamstow Avenue)
JL Lewis (Walthamstow Avenue)
AWT Noble (Leytonstone)
W Holmes (Blackburn Rovers)
WJ Slater (Brentford)
M Murray (Queen's Park)

Referee: Franken (Belgium)

George Aitken has noted that James Scott, who took part in the tour to North America in 1921, was actually a Third Lanark player, having been transfered from Dumbarton on 29 April 1921

5 Apr - Greenock Charity Cup - more results for the late 1890s added.

20 Mar - the 2014-15 and 2016-17 Fife Cup updated.

16 Mar - Bob Beresford has supplied the deciding match for the 1951-52 Lanarkshire Junior League - Larkhall Thistle beat Shotts Bon Accord by 4-0 at Wishaw.

24 Feb - see below for more Forgotten Glories updates from JohnTreleven.

21 Feb - The missing dates for Thistle's last two games in the 1891-92 Scottish Alliance added. This season's record for this competition is now completed.

George Aitken has also amended the 1905-06 Scottish Combination specifically Dumbarton's results.

The Eastern Alliance of 1891-92 now also shows Armadale's 2 point deduction after a breach of Rule. This competition still needs some work done on it...

Lastly, I've uploaded the 1897-1939 dates/results of the EOS Qualifying Cup.

20 Feb - a senior competition,  the   Greenock and District Cup  was ran by the Greenock & District FA, a short-lived association from the early 1880s.

17 Feb - Calder Shieldand  Gardener Cup  amended

16 Feb - Glasgow and West of Scotland Leagueresults grids  and final tables amended. 

Greenock Charity Cup - more results added.

7 Feb - I've received a couple of requests noted right. If you can help, please get in touch.

1 Jan - The latest Scottish Junior Cup  NEEDS LIST (1887-1949)  is now available. Again any results are most welcome.  If you can help in any way, all additional results should be sent to either myself or Stewart Davidson via  his email address shown on the page.

Clackmannanshire Charity Cup

Forgotten Glories updates

21 Sep 1901 (Athletic News)

WH Waller (Richmond Association)
AW Parsons (Clapton)
W Blackburn (Oxford University)
T Marshall (Bishop Auckland)
H Tinwaites (Corinthians)
H Vickers (Casuals)
L Hales (Crewe Alexandra)
RE Foster (Old Malvernians)
GO Smith (Corinthians)
CF Ryder (Old Carthusians)
AS Farnfield (Casuals)


FC Leudecke (Pressen, Berlin)
B Muller (BFC Britannia, Berlin)
W Yestram (BFC Britannia, Berlin)
J Thamer (Berlin University, capt)
F Huettl (Prague)
F Muller (Prague)
  Grusehwitz (Victoria, Berlin)
  Heck (Karlsruhe)
  Zinser (Karlsruhe)
  Largener (Karlsruhe)
  Guengling (Karlsruhe)


JohnTreleven has added the following...

England v Netherlands 29 Mch 1948 at Dulwich

Dutch clubs
1 Neptunia, Rotterdam
2 MVV Maastricht (captain)
3 Feyenoord
4 DWS Amsterdam
5 & 8 NAC Breda
6 DOS Utrecht
7 Quick Nijmegen
9 DVS Schiedam
10 't Gooi
11 ADO The Hague

England v France 3 Apr 1948 at Ilford

French clubs
1 U.S. Bully
2&6 Racing Club Strasbourg
3 AS Amicale
4 Girondins,
5 Rheims
7 Cazeres
8 Stade Francais
9 Racing Club Paris
10 Angouleme
11 St. Quentinois Olympic

Order of line up in book is suspect as 6 was the GK etc
and Strappe ("GK") was no. 8 in Olympic team 4 months later

GB v France 5 Aug 1948

French clubs
2 Racing Club Strasbourg
3 Stade Francais
4 Girondins
5 Stade Rheims
6 ?
7 Racing Club Strasbourg
8 U.S. Bully
9 Mulhouse
10 ?

Ireland v Gold Coast 15 Aug 1951

Gold Coast side -

T.G. Wilberforce (Hearts of Oak)
Kingsley Badger (Ashanti Kotoko)
Timothy Darbah (Standfast)
V.A. "Hope" Essaka
J.J.Nelson (Standfast)
Charles Gyamfi (Ashanti Kotoko)
Richard Aggrey (Kumasi Cornerstone)
James Adjaye (Ashanti Kotoko)

England v France 5 Apr 52

Ref C.Faultless (Glasgow, Scotland)

French clubs
1 Bordeaux
2, 5, 7  Sedan
3 Roanne
4 Hyeres
6, 8 Rheims
9 Armentieres
10 Meknes
11 Roche la Moliere

Olympic XI v England B 30 Apr 52

Ref F.S. Fiander (Loudwater, Bucks)

14 May 1952
West Germany (1) 2 Zeitler 2 (19 mins, 57)
Great Britain (0) 1 Slater (78)

EE Bennett (Southall)
R Cowan (Pegasus)
T Stewart (Bishop Auckland)
LR Topp (Hendon)
CE Fuller (Bromley)
DW Saunders (Walthamstow Avenue)
JL Lewis (Walthamstow Avenue)
AWT Noble (Leytonstone)
W Holmes (Blackburn Rovers)
WJ Slater (Brentford)
M Murray (Queen's Park)

Referee: Franken (Belgium)

England v W.Germany 12 Oct 57

Dodkins & Schaeffer were the captains


G.B. v Caribbean 10 Oct 59

Ref from Bacton, Suffolk

Caribbean capt Gomez

1,2,3,4,6,9 Trinidad
5 British Guiana
10,11 Jamaica

G.B. v Rep. Ireland 21 Nov 59

Ref initial A

Eng v Germany 5 Mch 60

Eng capt Greenwood

Ger clubs
2 Heider
3 Buxtehude
4 Union Gunnigfeld
5 &10 Siegen
6 Flensburg
7 & 11 Viktoria Cologne
8 ?
9 Sterkrade

Rep. Ireland v GB 13 Mch 60

Ref D.Mellet (Lausanne, Switerland)

GB v Ned 13 Apr 60

missing Ned clubs
5 Sparta Rotterdam
8 Feyenoord
10 Vitesse Arnhem

Rep. Ireland v Eng 16 Spt 62

Rep clubs
1,3,4,8 Bohemians
2,6,7 Dundalk
6 Drumcondra
9 St. Patricks Athletic
10 Cork Celtic
11 Limerick

Eng v Fra 15 May 63

French clubs
1 Racing Club Strasbourg
2 Jarny
3 St. Etienne
4,5 Stade Francais
6 Montelimar
7 Monaco
8 Blois
9 Annecy
10 Sedan
11 Chambery

Eng v W.Germany 18 May 63

German clubs
1 Bayern Munich
2 Ibbenburener
3 Luner
4 Heidenheim
5 ?
6 Birkenfeld
7 Giessen
8 Geisenheim
9 Bamberg
10 Hassfurt
11 Siegen

Eng v Ned 20 May 63

Dutch clubs
2 Twente Enschede
3 DWS Amsterdam
4 Bierick
5 Hilversum
7 Emmen
8 VSV Ijsmuiden
9 Middelburg
10 Racing Club Heemstede
11 Heerensveen

Eng v NZ 16 Apr 64

NZ clubs
1,3,4,7,11 Wellington
2 Poverty Bay
5,6,9 Auckland
? 8,10

Eng v Aut 26 Oc 66

Aut initials
2 W
3 A
9 K

Aut clubs
1 Eisenstadt
2 Leoben
3 Elektra Vienna
4 Marchegg
5 Elektra Vienna (a Haider on both teams that day)
6 Eisenstadt
7 Elektra Vienna
8 Salzburg
9 Schwarzach
10 Elektra Vienna
11 Grieskirchen

Eng v Italy 23 May 68

Ita clubs
1 Gorgione
2 Sora
3 ?
4 Sora
5 Virtus Bassano
6 Lumezzane
7 Castelnuovo
8 Manzanese (should be Furlan)
9 Impruneta
10 Almas Roma
11 Tolmezzo
should be Favaron (Clodia Chioggia)
and Muggesana

Eng v Fin 4 Apr 73

Fin clubs
2 & 2nd sub Vaasa Palloseura
3 HuPS
4,5,7  Haka Valkeakoski
6,8 Lahti Reipas
9 Mikkelovi Palloilijat
10, 11 & 1st sub HJK Helsinki

Eng v Aut 25 Sept 73

Aut initials
1 H
2 E
3 H
4 A
5 P
6 T
7 J
8 W
9 E
10 K
11 K
sub F

Aut clubs
1 Simmering
2 Klagenfurt
3 Halteiner
4 Heid Stocherau
5 Admira
6 Badener
7 Radenthe
8 Admira
9 Linzer
10 Weiser
11 Admira
Sub Admira

Eng v Ire 12 Oct 1973

Ref J.Hunting (Leicester)

Eng v W.Ger 31 Oct 73

Weinhold was GK

Ger clubs
1 Saarbrucken (Schmitt)
2 Wattenscheid
3 Eintracht Frankfurt
4 Hamburg
5 Offenbach Kickers
6 Eintracht Frankfurt
7 Duisburg
8 Fortuna Dusseldorf
9 Eintracht Frankfurt
10 Offenbach Kickers
11 Eintracht Frankfurt (GK)
1st sub ?
2nd sub Cologne

Wales v Eng 8 Dec 73

Ref T.H. Reynolds (Swansea)

Douglas Gorman has been contacted by Jim Hastie of Queen's Park regarding the missing Great Britain XI against England B in 1952. His late father Willie Hastie's memorabilia included Olympic football from the 1952 Helsinki Games. This includes a team photograph from "World Sports - Olympic Games Souvenir Number" of the Great Britain team that played England "B" before the Olympic Games.

Bennett EE, Southall
Paterson RP, Queen’s Park
Stratton LE, Walthamstow Avenue
Topp LR, Hendon
Fuller CE, Bromley
Slater WJ, Brentford
Shiells B, Cliftonville
McGarry Dr JK, Cliftonville
Lewis JL, Walthamstow Avenue
Facey K W, Leyton
Robb G, Finchley

This just leaves us only needing the following GB line-ups for a 100% record of every amateur cap; 14 May 1952 v West Germany, 16 Dec 1956 v Burma, 11 Aug 1967 v Republic of Ireland and 14 Aug 1967 v Iceland

30 Apr 1952, Arsenal Stadium, London, att
England ‘B’ ( ) 3 Stubbs ( mins), Hamer (pen ), French ( )
Great Britain (0) 0

Additional information:
Attendance 7,383
Half-time score 2-0
One of the England “B” goal scorers is listed as “Harmer” in the newspaper and I think that is correct as I think it is Tommy Harmer of Spurs.

14 May 1952, Fortunaplatz, Dusseldorf, att 45,000
West Germany (1) 2 Zeitler 2 (19 mins, )
Great Britain (0) 1 Slater (78)

Additional information:
The newspaper report gives another GB player – Fuller (Bromley) - “Bennett (Southall goalkeeper), Fuller (Bromley centre half) were stars of the British team”.

John Treleven has supplied the names of referees for some of England's games.

France 5.4.52 - Charles E. Faultless (Giffnock, Scotland)

Spain 20.11.69 - Joaquim F. Campos (Lisbon, Portugal)

Denmark 1.8.71 - Kjell Wahlen (Nordstrandhogda, Oslo, Norway)

Denmark 10.5.72 - Karl Riegg (Augsburg, Germany)
note Riegg, not Reigg
also Tyskland is Danish for Germany

Against West Germany on 13.3.74 has the same referee as previous week v Malta - this is a possible error which I am looking at.

Örjan Hansson has sent  details covering two of Sweden's amateur international games that were omitted.

12 June 1914  at Råsunda IP, Stockholm
Sweden v England Amateur  0-5   (HT 0-3)
John Karlsson Nottorp, Theodor Malm, Gösta Backlund, Ragnar Wicksell,
Knut Nilsson, Gustaf Ekberg, Rune Bergström, Eric Hjelm, Ivar Svensson,
Helge Ekroth, Karl Ansén.
Goals: John Prince (?') (30'), William G Moore (45'), Vivian Woodward (70') (80').
Referee: Herman Adriaan Tromp (Netherland)
Attendance: 4,500
8 Aug 1967  at  Nya Ullevi, Göteborg.
Sweden v Great Britain 0-1  (HT 0-0)
Jan Åberg (Skövde AIK), Hans Nordin (Örebro SK), Leif Leufstedt (IFK Malmö), Lennart Wing (Örgryte IS), Stig Johansson (IK Brage), Rolf Hansson (Örgryte IS), Torbjörn Jonsson (IFK Norrköping), Göran Karlsson (Halmia IS), Harry Bild (Östers IF), Dag Szepanski (Malmö FF), Rolf Andersson (Hammarby IF)
Subs: Yngve Samuelsson (GAIS) in / Stig Johansson out. Leif Wendt (GAIS) in /
Göran Karlsson out. both players played second half, no minutes for changes.
Great Britain:
J Swannell (Hendon), D Gamblin (Sutton U), E Powell (Sutton U), I Reid (Enfield), J Robertson (Tooting & Mitcham), G Cumming (Partick T), E Hunter (Queens Park), R Sleap (Hendon), N Hopper (Queens Park), M MacKay (Queens Park), L Pritchard (Sutton U).
Goal: Larry Pritchard (80')
Referee: Einar Espersen (Denmark)
Linesmen: Lars Jörnell Conny Glenberg (both Sweden)
Attendance: 11,477



Graeme McGinty still has some copies of his book available. East of Scotland Junior Football - A Statistical History contains all the final tables and cup finals from 1886 to 2016 and be obtained directly from the author. For further details go to his post on

Andy McGregor's Scottish Football Almanac for 2016-17 is now available. 

Into its  third year, this is the must-have book for any supporter with 500 pages of stats giving full details of last season's campaigns from international level right down to the grassroots.

Copies of this essential work are available from most outlets or direct from the publishers at Rel8 Media for only £19.99. The previous two editions covering seasons 2013-14 and 2014-15 can also be obtained from here.


This year's Scottish Non League Review is now on sale. This 29th edition is packed with the usual stats and information about last season's non-league football, copies are available for just £4 (plus P&P) from Stewart Davidson at the SNLR.


Morton v Queen's Park on 11 April 1914.
At this time, Morton played in striped, not hooped, shirts.

Markinch in Fife prior to World War One. The ground shown to the fore is Recreation Park, the home of Markinch Albion until 1911. The pitch now lies under  Brunton Gardens.


Markinch Victoria Rangers FC, 1939-40

Arbroath Victoria's triumphant 1953-54 team.

Back row - J Millar, J Smith (secretary), S Kennedy, J Craik, D Findlay
Middle row - W Millar (trainer), J Brown, P Mercer, J Angus, J Mowatt, H Cant, I Grant
Front row - J Parker (vice-president), J Cook, W Allan, A Annett, W Anderson (president), J Stewart, D Nicoll, J Watson, G Potter (treasurer)
Trophies - Forfarshire Junior Cup, Angus Junior League shield, Arbroath & District Cup

The Banffshire Cup

The Martin White Cup

The original trophy was stolen in 1907 by a local tinsmith and broken up, this was the replacement

Possibly the oldest photograph of Berwick Rangers, taken in 1891.


Dundee junior club, Anchorage FC, 1937-38


Championship trophy of the North Caledonian League